Silvia cbs

The trusted Core Banking solution offered by Concerto for a seamless Banking experience.

Salient Features

- Multi-tenancy by which multiple institutions can run under a single instance. All institutions are independ- ent of each other. - Automatic Updation of General Ledger- All transactions to deposit or loans subledgers are updated in the GL automatically real-time. (GL transactions can be automatic (from sub ledger, like for cash deposit using the Deposits system) or direct to the GL using journal entries (for example, to pay salaries). - Integrated mobile apps to enable branchless banking. - Comprehensive Customer information system including Types, details and related functions. - Group Lending functionality is made way easier and hasslefree through the daily invoices sent through mobile app. - ISO8583 interface for Silvia caters to common ISO messages for ATM and EDC. - System designed to provide reports for addressing requirements of all stakeholders like Management, Statutory, Regulatory and Customers

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