Protecting sensitive data with a data-centric security approach

Salient Features

Data breaches and invasion into sensitive data privacy is the last thing a growing business needs. Hence, protecting the data at its earliest points of entry into your systems, and reducing exposure of critical data to hacking or security threats is very important. SecurDPS Enterprise allows organizations to take complete control of their sensitive data.Protecting sensitive data with adata-centric security approach helpsyour organization to comply withprivacy regulations, reduce the risk ofbreaches and monetize valuabledata — while improving yourcompetitive advantage. Based on your business and regulatory needs, SecurDPS offers variousoptions including tokenization, format preserving encryption, classicencryption, and masking. - Ease of Integration - Reduced Implementation cost and effort - Multiple Deployment options - Flexible, elastic & self-healingarchitecture - Built-in audit and analysiscapabilities

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